Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision For California Women
The mission & vision for the CaliforniaGirl Series is to create fun, sustainable, and dignified fitness events in iconic California that any woman can do. Sustainable because we don’t waste stuff, and dignified because we won’t make you crawl through mud, throw dye or shoot foam at you or hose you down – and we certainly won’t make you climb over barricades or through barbed wire! Think of your experience as “high-end preventative health care” as we show you how moderate exercise and good food does wonders for the body. You’ll feel better, move easier, and know how to take care of yourself.

CaliforniaGirl Series - Women Having Fun

Join us throughout California (and our expansion plans for other markets) with our cycling, running, and travel destination events for the discerning female. Our events capture the ultimate California experience with surf, spa, wine, adventure, great food, and thousands of your best girlfriends! We invite you to participate or partner with us. As the first and the leader in active-lifestyle events for California women, we will make sure you love your new active life.

Choose an event below, click to register, and enjoy a new way to stay healthy, in better shape, and make new friends. And no, you do not have to fundraise for anything. The registration fees go directly toward putting on these awesome events that are designed to prevent sedentary illnesses like diabetes, heart disease, depression, and more. Any donations you do choose to make to our charity partners go 100% to the charity.

The CaliforniaGirl Series was created for women to have fun with their health and fitness. We’d love for you to join us. For more information about the founder, Download PDF file here.

Contact us! We’re based in bike-friendly Long Beach, CA. (916) 705-3443.





The California Girl Series® gets women active in a series of fun steps – get inspired, set a goal, get the gear, train, then participate in the annual Beach Babe Classic bike ride or Beach Babe Half Marathon in Long Beach, CA.



California Girl Series®

Email: info (at) CaliforniaGirlSeries.com