Athlete’s Guide: Senorita Century

San Diego’s best ride for women, the Senorita Century is on track to be a stellar starting event for the 2016 California Girl Series. Here’s a quick reference guide to a solid performance on ride day.

  1. Buy your registration. Our events are limited to 500 riders to keep it intimate and engaging.
  2. Get your bike tuned up. That means new brake pads, cables, good tread on the tires, etc. If you haven’t had your brake pads changes within the year, now is the time. VIDEO: How to change your brake pads. (You don’t have to do it yourself, but know what is happening at the repair shop!)
  3. Start/keep training. The course can be completed on as little as 2-3 rides per week. Keep those short rides and spin classes going and do use strength training 2x per week to get stronger faster. The latest info on endurance performance indicates lifting heavier in the gym translates into better performance on the bike or run. Contact Janaé Noble, CSCS for more on training.
  4. Book your room or travel plan. We have secured rooms at the Lakehouse Hotel & Resort so you can literally roll out of bed in the morning to start your ride. Use code SENORITA when you call or register online for the best rate.
  5. Build recovery into your training – and after the race/ride. Yoga, basic stretching, cyclists massage for your legs, and professional massage not only speeds recovery, but makes you happy and rejuvenated. There will be massage therapists at the finish line or you can book a spa experience at the resort.

Stay tuned for more info as the event gets closer. We look forward to seeing you and your friends at the starting line and the finish line celebration.

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The California Girl Series® gets women active in a series of fun steps – get inspired, set a goal, get the gear, train, then participate in the annual Beach Babe Classic bike ride or Beach Babe Half Marathon in Long Beach, CA.



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