How are you getting (or staying) fabulously fit?


Post your answer/comment on our Facebook page by midnight Friday, June 13 for a chance at our California Girl Series giveaway, open for everyone thinking about the Beach Babe Bicycling Classic, the Princess Promenade, the Senorita Century or the inaugural Women’s Gran Fondo!

If you join us at any of our fantastic events focused on women’s cycling, you’ll see that the events bring a big dose of fun and celebration of your own fitness path and personal style.  We love cycling on the road, but we realize that all of the ladies at our events are on their own unique path towards getting or staying fabulously fit!  We want to know how you take care of your body … what are all the ways you love to workout?

Post an answer/comment on Facebook between now and June 13! “How are you getting fabulously fit?”

Giveaway items that will be awarded between June 15 and June 21 (one item per selected winner).

Giveaways include:

– Winner #1:One free entry to the winner’s choice of event in the California Girl Series

– Winner #2: One free entry to the winner’s choice of event in the California Girl Series

-Winner #3:  One free Beach Babe cycling jersey

-Winner #4:  One free Beach Babe shirt

-Winner #5:  One pair of Beach Babe gloves

-Winner #6:  One pair of Beach Babe arm warmers



No purchase necessary.  One prize item per selected winner, previous giveaway prize winners are not eligible.  A minimum of 2 winners will be selected in this promotion. Items will be awarded based on comments on this post, or on the Facebook page between May 28 and June 13 at 11:59 PM, with winners & prizes selected by judges of the California Girl Series.


The California Girl Series is an exciting series of  4 women’s cycling events:

Beach Babe Bicycling Classic, Long Beach & Huntington Beach, July 13
Princess Promenade, Sacramento, October 5
Senorita Century, San Diego, March 8, 2015
Women’s Gran Fondo, Calistoga, May 3, 2015


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The California Girl Series® gets women active in a series of fun steps – get inspired, set a goal, get the gear, train, then participate in the annual Beach Babe Classic bike ride or Beach Babe Half Marathon in Long Beach, CA.



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