Beach Babe Bicycling Classic

The Beach Babe Bicycling Classic takes place on June 14, 2015 in Long Beach, CA to Huntington Beach, CA.

Roll with this ladies party on wheels in the annual Beach Babe Classic!

Ladies – now it your chance to ride with hundreds of like-minded sisters in the annual Beach Babe Bicycling Classic, a fun ride just for you! Bike riders of all  ages will enjoy the 15 and 36 mile “out and back” courses from Long Beach to Huntington Beach and back. Wind along the beach paths of Long Beach, through Naples, to Seal Beach, Sunset Beach, and Huntington Beach. Ride includes full rest stop support, delicious food, tech support, course lead and sweep, finisher’s gift and bragging rights. See you at the finish line celebration!

The coolest chick bike ride on the West Coast! Ride from Long Beach to Huntington Beach with 38 or 15 mile route options. Cruise it with us!

Course Description

The Beach Babe Bicycling Classic begins with a single-file red carpet-style start, then onto the wide, two-laned beach bike trail right on the beach! You will feel an immediate sense of exhilaration as you cruise along the sandy shore with your girlfriends along on your favorite, cute, BIKE! The course is mostly flat and takes you through some of the most beautiful coastal seaside neighborhoods in the world. It’s an insiders tour, for sure – and you will want to join us each year as the Beach Babe Classic grows to becomes the largest recreational cycling event for women in the country.

Two Route Distances – 15 or 38 Miles

Whether you ride the long course or short course you the route is essentially “out and back” along the same general route. Rest stops are at the mid point on the course in Seal Beach and at the turnaround point in Huntington Beach. Refreshments will be provided there, just show your wristband to gain entrance to the rest stop. If your plan is to do the shorter 15 mile course, your turnaround will be Seal Beach. Turn sheets with specific directions will be handed out at rider check-in at the event.

A short portion of the course is on Pacific Coast Highway in painted bike lanes. Vehicular traffic can be moderate during this stretch, so remember the laws for cars and bicycles are the same under California law. This means to ride on the same side of the street as a car, in the same direction. Stop at all stop signs, all traffic lights, and be aware of other riders and drivers. When crossing large intersections, we do recommend using the pedestrian traffic signals for left turns since your bike travels in the slow lane. Keep it simple and safe!

Please keep in mind that all course details are subject to change so stay tuned for the official course details, route sheets and maps during the week prior to June 14, 2015.


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The California Girl Series® gets women active in a series of fun steps – get inspired, set a goal, get the gear, train, then participate in the annual Beach Babe Classic bike ride or Beach Babe Half Marathon in Long Beach, CA.



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