Training Tips – How to Get Ready

Want a new way to feel better, have more fun, and talk to your friends while you’re doing it? Welcome to the world of recreational cycling! Our rides are designed to help women enjoy being active while socializing and taking in the scenery at the same time. Here are some practical tips to help you get ready for any adventure on two wheels.

Preparing the Body for the Bike
Unlike most sports, cycling is easy to do – even if you have been out of shape for years. There are a variety of bikes that will meet you at your current level of fitness. For example, if your legs can’t remember the last time they moved further than the sofa to the refrigerator, using gears that are easier to pedal can be the equalizer between you and someone who has been riding for some time. You can still hang out together, chatting away while enjoying the health benefits of moving your body and working up a little sweat! So, since the bike is going to do most of the work, the best way to prepare your body for cycling is to get out there and ride, go easy, use your gears, and let the wind blow the day’s cares away.

Preparing the Bike for the Body
We like to keep things simple. Yes, bikes can set off your geek alarm, but don’t go there quite yet. Since humans come in all shapes and sizes, bikes need to be able to adjust to fit long arms, small hands, wide pelvis, narrow shoulders; you name it. Getting a “bike fit” is similar to getting a suit or dress tailored – little adjustments here and there until it fits perfectly. So take your time selecting your bike and getting it dialed in to fit you.

How Much Do I Ride?
As women, we have a lot on our plate. One of the great things about cycling is you can multi-task your fitness by riding to the gym instead of driving (do the warm up on the bike, then do your strength training, for example), take that short trip to the farmers market by bike, ride to school with the kids, and see how your physique starts to change with those little bouts of activity. Start with trading out the bike for the car whenever you can. Keep it fun and give yourself time to enjoy it. Soon you may find yourself looking for ways to ride instead of drive. If you want a more formalized training program, check out our online training options for more structure. Until then, ease into it and know that your girlfriends will be there at the starting line with your on ride day!

Stay tuned for more training tips as we prepare for the annual Beach Babe Classic!





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